About us

Better Homes construction group has been established in 2013 with the target of being unique and special. Our consultants and experts effort has been to rely on the help of infinite unique innovations in the country with the best architects, interior designers, civil engineers and consultants in executing, design and consulting several projects.
Better Homes construction group successfully developed a clinic in tirajeh2 shopping center (which is the most successful shopping center in the east of Tehran) and it was very effective to make the commercial and recreational spaces of this center with the right standards.
we are so proud of working with the best leading brands in the world as their agency. The secret of our designer team in years is that we consider all the needs of men in daily life, we try to do unique landscaping and be innovative in every project.

Here are some of our projects which has been executed or under construction:
- The official and commercial building project in Jordan
- Golgasht (1000 meters worth of space) including: green belts, pool, conference room and…
- The official and commercial Roodehen1 construction (amount of 1000 meters area) including: 20 magnificent official, 1000 meters of commercial space with the best materials of the day
- Starting the Roodehen2 official and commercial construction (6800 meters) including: 1700 meters of commercial space, 2600 meters parking space and 2600 meters of official spaces.
- Mahmoodyeh garden tower project(540 meters)including: design and executing of terrace and interior spaces.
- Elahiyeh garden tower project (300 meters) including: terrace,interior decorations, cabinets, bathroom and toilet, laundry room.

- Interior design of constructions abroad (London, Canada, Dubai)
- Tirajeh2 official and commercial construction project(located in the east of Tehran with amount of 5000 meters commercial space) including:
88 stores, praying rooms, toilets, flooring, 7 lux offices designed with best materials and…
- Interior designing of tirajeh2 center commercial spaces such as:
Boof restaurant
Maze restaurant
Food court (3800 meters)
Amusement park (amount of 3500 meters) including the most exciting indoor games of the day, 30 meters sky diving (with the distance off 55 meters from the ground)
Tirajeh2 cinema halls (amount of 450 meters)
Box office and food booths

Great view

Within the next 5 years Better Homes group will be the best reference in consulting in the construction Industry and it will spread it,s activities in training experts in this industry.
Our brand will be the leading brand in the eyes of the target society, employers and experts will be the guarantee of our work in every project.


The target of the managers of this group is to provide the best service as designer or consultant, working alongside the best companies abroad, which leads us to have less and less errors in our projects each day.

The Fundamental values

Better Homes construction group is based on expertise, experience, honesty, respect and mutual trust.