Jordan Official Project

The classic exterior design is one of the expertise of the Better Homes Building group which in this model is a combination of White cement and firebrick.

Classic interior design in one of the expertise of this construction group which made a unique place with combination of modern and classic materials.
This unit is equipped with DVM air conditioning system which in one of the in the air conditioning systems.
In this project we tried to use the best materials in valves, hardwares, doors and windows from the best brands in the world to create a luxury and beautiful environment.

To design a landscaping we used special kinds of plants with the help of intelligent drop irrigation and also the pool has been executed with the best materials.

Better Homes construction group has combined interior and exterior design with the science of psychology and sociology, and with the knowledge of colours and shapes and forms and including every day needs in every environment, is trying to develop the best decoration designs.
we consider using different colours for each space by it’s function and usage.

The unique design of the wooden doors which are handmade from Russian oak and walnut tree wood.